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Numerical 2 What's New

Numerical 2 - What's New & What's Upcoming

v2.0.8 / 2.0.9 - Released 19th June 2017

- Today Widget!
- Copy/paste/insert from Today Widget and Keyboard extension by tapping equation area.
- Localised decimals and grouping symbols.
- Fix for Copy not copying answer and question.

Upcoming Features

Bold Font
Fix for issue where Delete All does not actually delete all.
Long press on history to use answer as start of new question
Non-recurring IAP option
Refine percentage key behaviour
Icon that changes with theme selection

v2.0.7 - Released 28th May 2017

- Fix for issue when editing theme on iPad
- Numbers in question area are now formatted with comma's so it's nice and pretty.
- Fix for annoying phenomena where selected a bunch of equations from history would result in duplicate's being created.

v2.0.6 - Released 23rd May 2017

- Bug: e^2 produces error
- Bug: Some equations brought to ^20 or higher would produce error
- Nameable themes
- Undo/redo with swipes, up to 30 times.
- Swipe up to clear
- Swipe down to start new with answer

v2.0.5 - Released 13th May 2017

- Much faster evaluation and keyboard responsiveness.
- Multiline question view, ala Numerical 1.
- Set decimal count option.
- Fix issue where buttons have underline for user who have enabled Display Button Shapes.
- Clear animation.
- Fix occasional errors related to History updates.

v2.0.4 - Released 1st May 2017

- Prefer history behind toggle (switch it off for history on the side ala Numerical 1)
- Hideable scientific keyboard
- Prefer radians toggle
- Delete All button in the history list
- Nicer history view
- Bug fix: Brackets key would stupidly attempt to follow a ) with an ( when really it should be another )
- Toggle for always show numeric answers.
- Overall colors and design has been darkened and toned down a bit.
- Big improvements to keypad responsiveness and that issue where fast typing might start the keypad scrolling a little.

v2.0.3 - Released 23rd April 2017

- Right aligned equation view
- Undo swipe
- Taller answer area so the delete key is lower
- Bigger question font
- Workpanel should be movable to a 65% view rather than 50%
- Bug: Brackets not being allowed to follow brackets
- Bug: Brackets not being allowed to follow percentage’s
- Bug: Editing equation would incorrectly position cursor
- Copying question now copies "question = answer"
- Bug: Error types not displaying properly
- URL Scheme
- Keyboard shorter name

v2.0.2 - Released 18th April 2017

- Final fix for the grey screen issue, which turned out to be related to the iOS Reduce Transparency setting.

v2.0.1 - Released 16th April 2017

- Fix for IAP which was messed up on Apple's end.
- Font and UI tweaks to enhance readability and make it look more Numerical 1ish
- New logo
- Removed autoscroll from history view which made it hard to use concurrently with work.
- Fixed logic error related to order of operations of multiply/divide and add/subtract.
- Color's in Theme Creator are brighter and more accurate to what the final theme will look like.
- Fixes related to crash on launch bug (WIP).
- Ongoing bug related to theme's appearing as grey/missing. This version falls back to the default theme in the event a theme cannot be setup.
- Added "What's New" link in Settings area.

v2.0.0 - Released 15th April 2017

- Full scientific keypad including sin/cos/tan, EE, ln, log, square root and more!
- Use the fraction key to do coherent fractional math and your answer is presented in numeric and fractional formats.
- Use Pi, E and infinity to determine the answer to any question, including impossible ones.
- New design places the History list behind the keypad - pull down to see your history while you work!
- History List now syncs with iCloud.
- Landscape view (finally) works on iPhone.
- Full support for iPad Split Screen multi-tasking.
- Install the Numerical² keyboard so you can calculate a question in any app. Tap a button and the answer is inserted in the text field.
- Made a mistake? Tap the current equation to enter edit mode where you can select characters, insert and delete.
- Apply 16 beautiful themes including new entrants Candy, Mint, Lava and a set of “bright themes”.
- Use the Theme Creator to make your own bright and beautiful color scheme.